Organized Chaos: 2nd Edition

Created by Matt Webster

Organized Chaos: Discipline in the Theatre Classroom will give you tools and strategies to prepare you for challenges you may face as you step up in front of a class of students and introduce them to the art of theatre.

Whether you are a student teacher finishing college, a first-year teacher just starting out in the classroom, or an established teacher with a few years of experience under your belt, these lessons will provide insight and support as you establish discipline in your classroom.

This is a revised, 2nd edition of a favourite original course in the DTA, brought to you by experienced theatre educator, Matt Webster.

Module 0: Introduction 6:00 FREE PREVIEW
The overview reviews the goals of the course and outlines the modules and activities included.
Module 1: Defining the Place Where you Teach 20:10 FREE PREVIEW
How you set up your teaching space will have a direct impact on your ability to control your classes. In this module, you will learn how to set up your classroom to avoid conflict and chaos while teaching.
Module 2: Curriculum: A Double-Edged Sword 11:59
There is no standard curriculum for theatre. Therefore, every theatre teacher is responsible for generating the curriculum they teach. In this module, you will be given some of the standard options for generating a theatre curriculum, as well as the pros and cons of each option so you can generate the curriculum that’s right for you. If your curriculum isn’t set up properly, it can lead to a variety of classroom management problems throughout the year, and it may be difficult for you to identify these issues if you can’t identify your curriculum as the culprit.
Module 3: Personnel, Preparation, and Pacing - The hidden issues of Discipline in the Drama Classroom 18:53
There are a lot of unseen elements at play in a Drama classroom when it comes to discipline, in module 3 we discuss the potential discipline issues associated with three common factors: Personnel, preparation and pacing.
Module 4: Rules and Boundaries in the Theatre Classroom 16:20
To the outside observer, theatre classes often appear to be chaotic and lawless. However, successful theatre teachers know how to maintain control of their classrooms. In this module, you’ll be shown how to lay down the law while not turning your classroom into a police state.
Module 5: Peer-Driven Discipline 12:17
It can be frustrating and exhausting being the only sheriff in a one-horse town. The solution? Deputies. This module will lay the groundwork for including your students in the creation of rules and consequences in your classroom.
Module 6: Consistency in Discipline 15:06
Classroom discipline is built on a foundation of consistency. In module 6, you will see the importance of applying discipline equally and consistently across the classroom and throughout the year.
Module 7: The Importance of Consequences 15:23
This concept is the heart of discipline in the classroom. Once you have set the rules in your classroom, you must enforce them. This module will illustrate the value and importance of defining and applying consequences in your classroom.
Module 8: Having a Bad Day 14:13
There will be days when everything goes wrong. This module can serve as a lifeline and support group to get you through those days when you seriously reconsider your career choices.
Module 9: Expect the Unexpected 7:54
As a theatre teacher, you must always be ready for surprises. This module will give you a heads up on some of the challenges that may arise in your classroom and some suggestions on how you can deal with them without losing control of yourself or your students.

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