In Preventing Pandemonium Part 02, instructor Maria Smith shares a classroom management strategy that transformed her class from a discipline zone to a thriving environment. It’s called positive incentives (or rewards) that make your students want to behave and participate positively in the drama classroom.

This course includes straightforward “this is how you do it” information, as well as posters, passes and rewards for teachers to print out and use in your classroom. Learn how positive incentives cut down the need for discipline,and find the joy in teaching.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction 8:06
Module 2: Positive Incentive Systems 23:14
Module 3: Budget-Friendly Positive Incentives 17:36
Module 4: Guidelines for Choosing a System 10:47
Module 5: How to Introduce a System 13:21
Module 6: How to Praise 11:01
Module 7: How to Promote Participation 17:58
Module 8: How to Reward and Redirect Behaviour 10:29
Module 9: How to Address the Naysayers 11:35

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Standards Addressed

National Core Arts Standards

TH:Cr2.1: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work - Grade HS Accomplished

TH:Cr2.1.HSII.b - Cooperate as a creative team to make interpretive choices for a drama/theatre work.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts