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Preventing Pandemonium: Part 2

Created by Maria Smith

In Preventing Pandemonium Part 02, instructor Maria Smith shares a classroom management strategy that transformed her class from a discipline zone to a thriving environment. It’s called positive incentives (or rewards) that make your students want to behave and participate positively in the drama classroom.

This course includes straightforward “this is how you do it” information, as well as posters, passes and rewards for teachers to print out and use in your classroom. Learn how positive incentives cut down the need for discipline,and find the joy in teaching.

9 Modules
2 hours, 4 minutes
6 Credit Hours

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction 8:06 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces the course and outlines each of the lessons included.
Module 2: Positive Incentive Systems 23:14 FREE PREVIEW
This module provides an overview of positive incentive systems, including pros and cons of each and suitability for different age groups.
Module 3: Budget-Friendly Positive Incentives 17:36
This module describes how you can use a variety of low-budget 'awards' as positive incentives in your classroom.
Module 4: Guidelines for Choosing a System 10:47
In this module step-by-step practical information will be shared on how to set up positive incentive system for various age groups.
Module 5: How to Introduce a System 13:21
This modules specifies how to introduce positive incentive systems, differentiating between middle and high schoolers.
Module 6: How to Praise 11:01
This module clarifies how to use positive incentives and the different techniques in middle school vs. high school.
Module 7: How to Promote Participation 17:58
This module covers how to prevent pandemonium with positive incentives, including how to boost your classroom management skills.
Module 8: How to Reward and Redirect Behaviour 10:29
This module focuses on using positive incentives to reward and redirect behaviour.
Module 9: How to Address the Naysayers 11:35
This module concludes the course and looks at how to address the naysayers, or students who do not respond to positive incentives.

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Standards Addressed

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts

British Columbia (2018)

GRADE 6 - ARTS - Communicating and documenting

Take creative risks to express feelings, ideas, and experiences

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Reason and reflect

Apply feedback to develop and refine ideas

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Connect and expand

Demonstrate respect for self, others, and the audience

GRADE 11 - DRAMA - Connect and expand

Demonstrate awareness of self, others, and audience

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