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119 archived PLC sessions for Drama Teachers

Presented 2023-11-06
Navigating Personal Challenges
Presented 2023-10-10
AI in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2023-08-17
Classroom Management with Social Emotional Learning - Session Two
Presented 2023-08-15
Classroom Management with Social Emotional Learning - Session One
Presented 2023-04-11
People Like Us: Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities
Presented 2023-03-21
Celebrating Your Theatre Program
Presented 2023-02-07
Assessment in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2023-01-17
Putting Up Your First Musical
Presented 2022-11-16
Advocacy with your Admin
Presented 2022-10-25
Classroom Management Tune-Up
Presented 2022-09-13
Social Emotional Learning in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2022-08-16
Back to School
Presented 2022-07-26
Curriculum Planning
Presented 2022-04-26
What We Learned: There is No Normal
Presented 2022-03-29
How to Execute the Dilemma Project in your Drama Classroom
Presented 2022-02-22
How to Execute the Empathy Project in your Drama Classroom
Presented 2022-02-01
Top 5 DTA Independent Projects - and How to Execute
Presented 2022-01-24
How to Mount a Production during a Pandemic
Presented 2022-01-11
The Adult in the Room - Understanding your relationship to your students
Presented 2021-10-28
Power Dynamics in Rehearsal
Presented 2021-10-12
Impowerment Improv
Presented 2021-09-21
Pacing in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2021-09-09
Using Empathy in the Drama Classroom: Empathy 2.0 with Steven Stack
Presented 2021-08-31
Building Relationships in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2021-08-10
Social Emotional Learning
Presented 2021-07-27
Let it Go - Planning Curriculum 'Less is More'
Presented 2021-04-06
Virtual Assessment
Presented 2021-03-09
Check In
Presented 2021-02-09
Bringing Black History into the Theatre Classroom
Presented 2021-01-12
Classroom Management in the Digital Era
Presented 2020-12-08
Self Care for the Holidays
Presented 2020-11-10
Marketing Your Virtual Performance
Presented 2020-10-13
Online Rehearsal Strategies
Presented 2020-09-23
Engaging with Your No Camera and Camera-Shy Students
Presented 2020-09-15
Distance Learning: Check In 4
Presented 2020-08-23
Virtual Performances
Presented 2020-08-16
Distance Learning: Check In 3
Presented 2020-06-07
Looking Ahead to the New Year
Presented 2020-05-10
Self-Care and Wellness
Presented 2020-04-26
Adapting a DTA course for Distance Learning
Presented 2020-04-13
Distance Learning: Check In
Presented 2020-04-05
Distance Learning: Monologue Writing
Presented 2020-03-29
Distance Learning: Check In
Presented 2020-03-22
Distance Learning: Playwriting
Presented 2020-03-15
Distance Learning
Presented 2020-03-10
Middle School Matters!
Presented 2020-02-18
Social Media
Presented 2020-01-14
Classroom Management
Presented 2019-12-10
Presented 2019-11-12
Presented 2019-10-08
Rehearsal Ruts
Presented 2019-09-17
Admin & Advocacy
Presented 2019-08-13
School Startup
Presented 2019-06-18
Seeking Inspiration
Presented 2019-05-28
School Year End Postmortem
Presented 2019-04-23
Interpreting Adjudicators
Presented 2019-03-26
Continuing Education
Presented 2019-02-19
Challenging Parents
Presented 2019-01-29
To Cancel or Not to Cancel
Presented 2018-12-04
Fall Post-Mortem
Presented 2018-11-20
Student Leadership
Presented 2018-10-09
Presented 2018-09-18
Technology in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2018-09-04
Dealing with 'that kid' in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2018-08-14
Kicking off the New School Year
Presented 2018-07-24
Setting the Tone in a Drama Classroom
Presented 2018-06-12
Summer Planning - The 3 R’s
Presented 2018-05-29
Year End Post-Mortem
Presented 2018-04-10
What’s Your Problem Q&A
Presented 2018-03-27
The Art of Saying No
Presented 2018-03-13
Late Rehearsal Techniques
Presented 2018-02-13
Presented 2018-01-30
Low Budget Solutions
Presented 2018-01-09
Staging and Stage Pictures
Presented 2017-12-05
Theatre History
Presented 2017-11-21
Fear of Failure
Presented 2017-10-17
Playwriting in the Classroom
Presented 2017-09-26
Assessment Planning
Presented 2017-09-12
Awesome Auditions
Presented 2017-08-15
Setting up your classroom for the year
Presented 2017-08-01
Addressing Curriculum
Presented 2017-07-11
Creating the Ensemble-Based Classroom Q&A
Presented 2017-06-27
Year-End Post-Mortem
Presented 2017-05-02
Assessing Performance
Presented 2017-04-18
Planning for the New Year
Presented 2017-04-04
Avoiding Burnout
Presented 2017-03-21
Marketing Your Show
Presented 2017-02-28
Tackling Difficult Characters Head-On
Presented 2017-02-07
Leaping Lesson Plans! Shaping lessons to suit your classroom
Presented 2017-01-17
Planning Your Best Rehearsal
Presented 2017-01-03
Technology in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2016-12-13
Drama Classroom Reboot
Presented 2016-11-01
Pitching a "Dangerous" Show
Presented 2016-10-18
Taking your students to festivals & competitions
Presented 2016-09-27
Getting Students Out of Their Comfort Zone
Presented 2016-09-13
Class Size: Too Big / Too Small
Presented 2016-09-06
First Time in the drama classroom: Where do you start?
Presented 2016-08-16
Planning your Season
Presented 2016-07-26
Keeping all the balls in the air - time management for drama teachers
Presented 2016-07-12
Theatre as a dumping ground
Presented 2016-06-07
Let's get physical
Presented 2016-04-29
Office Hours with Drama Educators
Presented 2016-04-19
Assessment in the Drama Classroom
Presented 2016-04-05
Staging Scenes in the Classroom
Presented 2016-03-22
Engaging the Non-Theatre Student
Presented 2016-03-08
Musicals: Rehearsals
Presented 2016-02-16
Presented 2016-02-01
Presented 2016-01-12
Presented 2015-12-15
Theatre as a Social Voice
Presented 2015-11-10
Presented 2015-10-20
Rock your next Rehearsal
Presented 2015-10-06
Curriculum 911
Presented 2015-09-15
Tech Hacks: Tips and tricks to make your production a technical success!
Presented 2015-08-14
School Startup - Session Two
Presented 2015-08-14
School Startup - Session One
Presented 2015-07-23
Technical Theatre
Presented 2015-07-12
Presented 2015-06-25
Production Pitfalls
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