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by Josh Hatt

This is an introductory mini-unit to sound that you can use whether or not you have a sound system. Students will work toward being able to demonstrate their knowledge of sound effectiveness.

The questions of the unit include: What is effective sound? What sounds and music do we need in order to make our scene effective? How will we know our sound cues are effective?

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Lesson Plans

The Environment of Sound

by Lindsay Price

Certain sounds are always connected to certain objects - the slam of a door, cowbell, a ringing phone. How does the environment change if the sounds are changed? Does the change of sound change the scene?

Includes a list of websites to use for free sound effects.

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Tech Hacks and Exercises

How do you teach tech, or use tech in your productions when you don’t have the expertise or the equipment? How do you make it work? How do you problem solve? Topics include Lighting, Set Design, Costumes, and Sound.

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