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Google Drive in the Drama Classroom

by Josh Hatt

Instructor Joshua Hatt has taught drama students all over the world. He is passionate about the power of drama to connect people and the importance of reflection and journaling to build creative, critical thinkers.

He started using Google Drive as a response to the frustration of having his students lose curriculum booklets time and time again. His work developed into a powerful online home whereby students and teachers can communicate, contribute, collaborate, edit, and house all their documents online.

In this course, Josh will show you how to use Google Drive and Slides in your drama classroom. He's included step-by-step guided instruction, as well as activities to help you solidify your knowledge. Your drama classroom will be forever transformed!

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Google Tools in the Theatre Arts Classroom

by Anna Porter

Have you been wanting to find some new ways to enhance your classroom with technology? Have you been told you need to integrate technology in your classroom but don’t know where to start or what would even make sense to use in the drama classroom?

Whether you want to find some new ways to diversify your instruction and assessment, provide new resources and opportunities for your students, or simply needs some help with organization and communication, Google Tools has a treasure trove of resources ready for you to use today.

Instructor Anna Porter covers the tools of Google Forms, Photos, Calendar, Earth, Custom Search and Sites. Each lesson has video examples of how to use the tools as well as tips and resources for each module.

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The 21st Century Drama Teacher

Free Bonus Webinar!

The 21st Century Drama Teacher: Using Technology in the Drama Classroom

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Technology in the Drama Classroom

Hosted by Matt Webster, Lindsay Price, Anna Porter, Ray Palasz

Technology is everywhere. Are you encouraged (or expected) to use technology in your classroom? Join this tips & tricks sharing session where we’ll discuss best practices for integrating technology in your classroom, sometimes in unexpected ways!
Bring your best tips to the chat room so we can all learn together.

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Technology in the Drama Classroom

Hosted by Lindsay Price, Matt Webster, Heather Brandon, Jessica McGettrick

Nothing says "21st Century Teacher" like the skillful use of technology in the classroom. But for theatre teachers, it can be challenging to find technology that benefits our students and enhances our lessons. That's why we are dedicating this PLC to the use of technology in the drama classroom. We will explore such programs as Google Tools and Google Classroom, as well as other beneficial technology for classroom and stage. So join us to talk tech and face the 21st century head on!

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