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Elements of Design

Created by Karen Loftus

Students are exposed to select elements of design, and they explore the effect those elements of design have on storytelling.

Standards Addressed

The overview lays out the objective of the unit, the timeline and list of lessons, and assessment plan.
1: Line and Shape
Students explore the design concepts of line and shape and how they can be used by a designer to affect an audience.
2: The Effects of Colour
Students continue to explore design through the effects of colour and apply their knowledge.
3: Research Project: Elements of Design
Students will research and apply knowledge on the effect of colour.

Standards Addressed

National Core Arts Standards

Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work - Grade 6

TH:Cr1.1.6.b - Identify solutions to design challenges in a drama/theatre work.

California VAPA Standards (2019)

6.TH:Cr1 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work

6.TH:Cr1.c - Identify solutions to design challenges in a drama/theatre work.

Florida Sunshine State Standards

Tennessee Theatre Curriculum Standards

Tennessee Theatre standards (2018) standards were built using the framework of the NCAS which is built on four key domains: Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Connecting, and Responding. Within each of these domains are foundations and standards to support the development of curriculum, programs, and learning.
(source: Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Academic Standards for Fine Arts, Summer 2018)

Please refer to National Core Arts Standards to determine the standard that best suits your needs.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts

HS 117.315 LI - Creative Expression: production

C.3.A - develop and practice technical theatre skills.

British Columbia (2018)

GRADE 9 - DRAMA - Communicating and documenting

Compose, interpret, and expand ideas using symbolism, imagery, and elements

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Reason and reflect

Describe, analyze, and respond using drama-specific language

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Communicate and document

Compose, interpret, and expand ideas using symbolism and imagery

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