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Middle School Curriculum: Overview

Created by Lindsay Johnson

This is a curriculum overview for a scene study semester at the middle school level, designed specifically with 7th and 8th graders. The goal for each unit is to build off the knowledge and skills gained in the previous unit so students are gradually adding to their abilities as they progress through different types of scene performance assessments.

Students begin with the acting basics they need to create a successful scene: ensemble skills, improvisation, projection, vocal clarity and expression, characterization, pantomime, objective and tactics. They will learn script structure, blocking, and stage directions and how to give, receive and apply feedback. They will explore aspects beyond acting such as directing and simple set design.

Students will then continue to practice many of the same acting skills but in new contexts. While there will be some new acting skills added, such as memorization, use of levels, and character physicality, more focus will be placed on learning off-stage skills, such as directing, props, and using theater to identify and address issues in our society through a culminating Theatre of the Oppressed unit.

The overview lays out the units and pacing for the 8 units of the middle school curriculum, as well as essential questions and assessment process.
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