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Overview: Distance Learning

Created by Lindsay Price and Karen Loftus

Distance Learning is defined as synchronous activities in an online class session, with some asynchronous assignments to be completed and submitted.

Distance Learning, in some form, will be part of many classrooms, schools and districts this upcoming year. What that is going to look like and how it will function is uncertain. Some schools will be in a virtual classroom at the start of the year and eventually move into a traditional classroom. Some schools will offer a blended learning environment where students are in the classroom some days and online others. Every situation will be different.

To that end, it’s hard to have a one size fits all Distance Learning Curriculum. However, it is certainly possible to give yourself a head start when re-imagining the curriculum in this new context. It is our goal to offer a curriculum template to help you visualize online versions of standard drama classroom units.

The curriculum offers the following units in a distance learning format. All of these units exist in a traditional drama classroom form on the Drama Teacher Academy site.

The overview lays out the outline of the units that are part of this curriculum, as well as discusses procedures, time management, and specific details on how to execute the curriculum in different environments.
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