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Death, Morality, Revenge, Jealousy... all come to life from the page like corpses from the grave with the creepy, cross-curricular adaptation Shuddersome: Tales of Poe.

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Practical Technical Theatre - The Complete Solution for Technical Theatre Classrooms

Practical Technical Theatre:

The Complete Solution for Technical Theatre Classrooms

This series of instructional DVDs is perfect for the teacher who feels more at home with a prompt book than a hammer, and would welcome a new, visually oriented teaching tool for their tech classes and production crews.

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Competitions: Plays, monologues, and scenes for drama competions including royalty information and exemptions.

Competition Material

Plays, monologues, and scenes for drama competitions including royalty information and exemptions.

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Plays for Classroom Study

Plays for Classroom Study

If you’re not looking to put on a performance for one of our plays but still want to use them for classroom study, we can help. Whether you’re looking for a play that complements your curriculum, or just need an in-class project, we have plays for you.

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Monologue and Scene Collections for Student Performers

Monologue and Scene Collections

Whether it's for classwork, competitions or auditions, these collections of student-appropriate monologues and scenes can help you find what you're looking for.

All monologues and scenes come from published plays and include running-times, descriptions, character notes and staging suggestions.

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Distance Learning Resources

Distance Learning Resources

Teaching online can be a challenge. We’ve got the exercises, tips, and resources you need to help you engage your students and navigate your virtual classroom.

Distance Learning Resources

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