Shakespeare has writer’s block. Nothing inspires him. The best he can come up with is “Now is the winter of our irritation!” Postcards from Shakespeare by Allison Williams is so much more than your typical Shakespeare spoof.

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Games for the Drama Classroom: More Than Play

Games for the Drama Classroom: More Than Play

by Lindsay Price

Do people say your class is just games? Games for the Drama Classroom: More Than Play is a collection of games and activities that go well beyond the notion of "play" to help develop communication skills, collaboration skills, team building, focus building, confidence building, ensemble building and more.

With over 60 activities complete with detailed instructions, specific goals and bonus Reflection and Exit Slip prompts, this easy-to-use resource helps your drama classroom stay fun and focused!

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Scenes for Classroom Study consists of scenes from published Theatrefolk plays and is designed to help with character study, scene work, substitute teachers, performance, Individual Event competitions and so much more.

35 more photo-based writing prompts developed by playwright Lindsay Price. Includes an instruction guide and tips to integrate them into a distance learning curriculum.

Improv Games with Purpose

by Jennine Profeta

Improv games including feedback suggestions and questions, game variations, teaching tips, side coaching tips, entry prompts, exit slip questions, and more!

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