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Creating a Blended Learning Environment: Flipping Your Classroom

Created by Annie Dragoo

Annie Dragoo leads this course in learning how to create a flipped classroom where students will complete the majority of coursework online at home or outside of school, and then attend school for required face-to-face learning sessions.

Module One discusses the types of online learning - the advantages and disadvantages. Module Two, covers the first step: the online instruction. Module Three covers the face-to-face time and putting it all together. You will walk away from these modules with a prepared unit of study.

Course Outline

Module 0: Introduction 2:49 FREE PREVIEW
This module outlines the course objectives and sets the schedule for modules 1, 2 and 3.
Module 1: Online Learning 13:06 FREE PREVIEW
This module looks at the types of online learning, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Module 2: Asynchronous Online Learning 13:16
Module 2 looks at ways to execute online learning.
Module 3: Synchronous Face-to-Face Learning 8:14
The final module discusses face to face class time, and putting the blended learning environment together.

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