If you’d like to create your own projects and rubrics but have no idea where to begin or don’t have a background in drama education, this course was made with you in mind.

In any assessment, you choose where you want to go first and then you think of how you’re going to get there. And how to create assessments? This course will take you through the phases of creating an assessment so that you are prepared the next time you are inspired.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction 2:13
Module 2: Important Terms 8:49
Module 3: Assessment Planning 16:19
Module 4: Creating Clear Instructions and Criteria 12:35
Module 5: Formatting 11:40
Module 6: How to Create Rubrics Part 1 11:07
Module 7: How to Create Rubrics Part 2 21:25
Module 8: How to Adapt Rubrics 9:05
Module 9: Formative Assessments 11:45
Module 10: Summative Assessments 3:40
Module 11: The Finale 2:14

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