Teaching Theatre with Divergent Students and Class Sizes in Mind

Created by Steven Stack

Have you ever wondered how in the world you can have a successful theatre classroom with so many variables that you have absolutely no control over? The two biggest ones being the size of your class and the students that you’re in charge of turning into some truly talented theatre geeks. This course by Steven Stack explores that wonderful and often ridiculous world of theatre classrooms while giving you the tools for you and your students to not only succeed but to flourish as well.

Lessons will include how to make any size class the Goldilocks class as in "just right", defining and working with all types of students you may encounter in your classroom, the seven must-haves of any theatre class, and the importance of structure in the theatre classroom by providing a guideline for setting up your day-to-day class time.

The course also provides tons of ideas, games and activities that you can use instantly in your classroom. So, if you’re a first-time theatre teacher or one just looking for new ideas, this is the course for you.

Lesson 1: Introduction 7:17 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson introduces the course, the instructor, and discusses the power that a theatre class possesses and also provides what to expect, look at upcoming class topics.
Lesson 2: Seven Must-Haves for the Classroom 25:24 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson discusses the seven must-haves for the theatre classroom.
Lesson 3: Class Size 36:26
This lesson explores how to make whatever class size you have, "just right".
Lesson 4: Types of Students 23:25
This lesson looks at the most important and complex aspect of the classroom – the students themselves.
Lesson 5: Day-to-Day Theatre Class 8:44
This lesson looks at what a day-to-day theatre class could look like, including items to include that will improve your students not only in class, on stage, but also in life.

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