The Adult in the Room: Understanding Your Relationship to Your Students

Created by Matt Webster

How do we build or rebuild relationships in the classroom? Well, first, you must understand the difference between your relationship with your students and your relationship to your students. Once you understand the difference between those two relationships, you can construct a professional working relationship in your classroom. At the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of the different relationships between you and your students and why establishing a healthy professional relationship is best for everyone concerned.

Module 0: Introduction 6:29 FREE PREVIEW
The first module sets out the objectives for the course, and introduces the structure and module progression.
Module 1: Your Relationship to Your Students 6:12 FREE PREVIEW
Module One covers your relationship to your students, and how that sets the tone in the classroom.
Module 2: Setting Boundaries 7:53
This module covers the importance of setting and maintaining professional boundaries with your students.
Module 3: Building Positive Relationships 8:43
This module covers the steps to build a positive relationship with your students.
Module 4: Effective Discipline 5:47
This final module discusses how established professional and personal relationships are key components to effective discipline in the drama classroom.

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