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Commedia Exercise: Opposite Day

This exercise helps to demonstrate the concept of status, and how the status of a character affects how they act and how they treat others.

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Commedia Stock Characters

Use this handy chart to review Commedia stock characters and their descriptions.

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High and Low Status

One of the ways that we can learn about status is by physically playing status in the body. Use these descriptions to physicalize high/low status with your students in the Status Walks Game.

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The Comedy Cornerstones for Commedia

A guide to the four necessary comedic tools for playing Commedia dell’arte: status, appetite, swing, and intention/invention.

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What is Lazzi?

Lazzi is a comic bit or piece of comic shtick based on character. In this handout, students learn where to start with Lazzi, with examples of Commedia characters and how they perform Lazzi.

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