Acting: Playing the Opposite

Sometimes when beginning actors approach difficult text, they play exactly what’s on the page. If it’s a sad monologue - they play the whole thing sad from start to finish. If they think the character is mad, they’ll yell all their dialogue. There is a time and place to play a moment as written. But more often than not the most powerful option is to play the opposite. A great example of this is Robert Shaw’s USS Indianapolis speech from Jaws.

Acting: Playing with Pace

Pace is an important part of monologue and dialogue delivery. Use this movie moment to teach students about playing with the delivery speed.

Cinderella Movie Viewing Quiz

The Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is available to watch for free on Youtube. Have students research and answer the questions below before they watch. Youtube Link:

Playing Status

Use these two monologues from the movie Little Voice to discuss status and changing status with your students.
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