Technical Theatre

Activity: Sort the Props

A guide to the different types of props, and a sorting activity to help students identify props by category (scenic props, hand props, set dressing).

Distance Learning: Technical Theatre

A series of Technical Theatre activities designed for distance learning.

Lighting Exercise

Have students brainstorm alternative lighting options for a scene when you can’t use a traditional lighting rig. What do they come up with? How can they experiment with existing lighting sources? (For example: flashlights) Sometimes their options will be the best options.

Poster: Scene Shop Safety

Use this poster for your scene shop - to keep actors and crew focused on safety.

Practical Technical Theatre: Digital Programs

Access the Practical Technical Theatre digital programs. Included in your DTA membership, with 10 programs to choose from. Click the link to access - includes unique codes for student access to videos and handouts.

Stage Management Staff Breakdown

Here is one way to set up a stage management staff at your school. You know your students the best and you know that some can handle more responsibility and some may be better suited to certain tasks. Make sure your PSM is the one who represents the team especially to the actors.

Tech Hacks and Exercises

How do you teach tech, or use tech in your productions when you don’t have the expertise or the equipment? How do you make it work? How do you problem solve? Topics include Lighting, Set Design, Costumes, and Sound.

What is a Prop

A one-sheet to help students understand the difference between a prop and a costume piece.
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