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00 - DTA Virtual Conference 2019 Entire Replay

00 - DTA Virtual Conference 2019 Entire Replay

Your hosts: Matt Webster & Lindsay Price

00:00 Welcome

14:55 Keynote: Empathy in the Classroom (Steven Stack)

58:38 PLC: Empathy and Classroom Management (Steven Stack, Shelby Steege)

1:29:21 Acting 1 Warm-ups (Christa Vogt)

2:00:12 Masterclass: Cultivating Student Leaders: Strategies, Synergy and Soft Skills (Karen Loftus)

2:37:10 Creative Staging (Todd Espeland)

3:32:31 Masterclass: Inclusive Classroom (Kerry Hishon)

4:16:23 Acting 3 Warm-ups (Christa Vogt)

4:41:12 Viewpoints Workshop (Erin Carr)

6:01:00 Devising Workshop (Amy Pugh Patel)

6:36:27 Additional Warm-ups (Christa Vogt)

7:23:37 PLC: Building Your Community (Lea Marshall, Jess McGettrick)

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