DTA Virtual Conference 2019

00 - DTA Virtual Conference 2019 Entire Replay

Your hosts: Matt Webster & Lindsay Price 00:00 Welcome 14:55 Keynote: Empathy in the Classroom (Steven Stack) 58:38 PLC: Empathy and Classroom Management (Steven Stack, Shelby Steege) 1:29:21 Acting 1 Warm-ups (Christa Vogt) 2:00:12 Masterclass: Cultivating Student Leaders: Strategies, Synergy and Soft Skills (Karen Loftus) 2:37:10 Creative Staging (Todd Espeland) 3:32:31 Masterclass: Inclusive Classroom (Kerry Hishon) 4:16:23 Acting 3 Warm-ups (Christa Vogt) 4:41:12 Viewpoints Workshop (Erin Carr) 6:01:00 Devising Workshop (Amy Pugh Patel) 6:36:27 Additional Warm-ups (Christa Vogt) 7:23:37 PLC: Building Your Community (Lea Marshall, Jess McGettrick)


Recorded at the DTA Virtual Conference in July 2019, Amy Patel takes us through her devising process in the drama classroom.

Empathy: It Begins With You

Steven Stack's Keynote speech "Empathy: It Begins With You", from the DTA Virtual Conference, recorded July 2019.

Inclusion in the Drama Classroom

Recorded at the DTA Virtual Conference in July 2019, Kerry Hishon discusses her experience with inclusion in the drama classroom.
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