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Lesson Plans

00 - Emergency Lesson Plans Ebook

by Lindsay Price

You need Emergency Lesson Plans. The unexpected comes up all the time.

This Emergency Lesson Plan Collection (30 lessons) will address all of your concerns and take into account all of your sub’s questions. Every Emergency Lesson Plan includes substitute instructions, handouts, and assessment suggestions.

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00 - The Drama Classroom Companion

The Drama Classroom Companion is filled with articles and exercises to build the skills needed for theatrical performance. It helps you nourish real world skills like creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

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00 - The 30 Second Monologue Project eBook

This resource is designed to take students through the skills they need to perform a monologue - in steps. Instead of starting with the end goal – that two-minute piece – start at the beginning.
In this eBook you’ll find a four-lesson unit that will take students up the ladder toward that goal, and get students ready to tackle a longer monologue with confidence.

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00 - Scenes for Classroom Study eBook

Use these scenes in your classroom for character study, scene work, substitute teachers, performance, Individual Event competitions, and any other way you can imagine.

Each scene comes from a published play (the complete play can be found on at and is FREE for you to
print, copy, and distribute.
But wait there’s more! Each scene comes with:
• Close Reading Questions
• Staging Suggestions
• Character Development

30 scenes in total within this eBook!

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Practical Approaches to Shakespeare in the Drama Classroom eBook

Shakespeare is one of the greatest resources a drama teacher can have. But teaching it can be a challenge. Practical Approaches to Shakespeare in the Drama Classroom by Julie Hartley, helps drama teachers break down the Bard to make his themes, language and characters accessible to all.

This resource can help teachers overcome the potential challenge of making Shakespeare relatable through practical and engaging methods designed specifically for the classroom. This informative e-book contains in-depth analysis strategies, conversation topics, character studies and more.

Help your students make sense of Shakespeare!

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01- Drama Classroom Companion Volume 2

How do you approach common assumptions about drama class? How do you rehearse backwards? How do you deal with students who can’t handle feedback? How do you communicate with parents? How do you encourage ensemble thinking? This volume contains everything you need to further explore creative thinking, critical thinking, communication and collaboration in the drama classroom.

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81 Playwriting Exercises: eBook

This resource provides 81 exercises that can be used to get students in the habit of writing on a regular basis. Use these exercises:
• As a daily warm-up during a playwriting unit
• To keep students writing if they’re stuck in the middle of a specific writing project
• To allow students to practice the craft of writing monologues and scenes
• For an emergency lesson plan when you can’t be there
• If your classroom environment changes (e.g., distance learning)
Playwriting is possible for every student when you start with small, achievable exercises. Get writing!

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