Approaching Drama Class with an Indigenous Perspective

Created by Allison Green

This course is led by Allison Green, a member of the Algonquin Band of Mattawa, and a drama and social sciences teacher in Northern Ontario, Canada. She believes that drama teachers should look at their teaching through an Indigenous lens for a few reasons:

  • It is time in North America to take a conscientious look at Indigenous people’s approach to learning and teaching.
  • For our Indigenous students, it’s important to see themselves in materials, activities, and classroom routines.
  • It is also valuable for our non-Indigenous students to see and better understand the diverse nature of the creative process and ways of seeing our world through this lens.

This course aims to help teachers see their drama class through an Indigenous lens - by exploring the learning circle, culturally responsive approaches, and Indigenous pedagogy.

Lesson 0: Introduction 4:02 FREE PREVIEW
The introductory module lays out the objectives for the course, and explains the structure and lessons to follow.
Lesson 1: The Learning Circle 10:19 FREE PREVIEW
This module explores the learning circle. The circle is a sacred symbol in Indigenous culture, and many drama classes benefit from students and their teachers being part of a circle.
Lesson 2A: Culturally Relevant & Responsive Teaching 11:19
This module shares a culturally responsive approach to teaching while really unpacking the difference between appropriation and appreciation. In drama class, we need to be aware and model for our students the act of appreciating and exploring diversity and culture with activities rooted in knowledge and avoid appropriation.
Lesson 2B: Appreciation Versus Appropriation 17:46
This module continues the discussion regarding a culturally responsive approach to teaching.
Lesson 3: Drama Teachers and Indigenous Pedagogy 10:12
This module focuses on drama teachers and Indigenous pedagogy.
Lesson 4: Wrap Up 3:40
This module wraps up the course material, and looks at next steps to take with your students, or for your own learning.

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