An in-depth and interactive look at copyright as it applies to school theatre programs. Learn about how works become copyrighted, how long it lasts, how to get permission to use copyrighted work, and more.

Course Summary

Standards Addressed

9 Modules
2 hours, 24 minutes
5 Credit Hours


Course Outline

Lesson 0: Introduction 6:44
Lesson 1: Intellectual Property 19:49
Lesson 2: Copyright 17:05
Lesson 3: Copyright and the Teacher 13:52
Lesson 4: Copyright Cases 9:29
Lesson 5: Free Stuff 12:30
Lesson 6A: Copyright Attorney Gordon Firemark 26:49
Lesson 6B: Copyright Attorney Erin Finlay 27:10
Lesson 7: Pay it Forward 10:45

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Standards Addressed

Tennessee Theatre Curriculum Standards

Tennessee Theatre standards (2018) standards were built using the framework of the NCAS which is built on four key domains: Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Connecting, and Responding. Within each of these domains are foundations and standards to support the development of curriculum, programs, and learning.
(source: Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Academic Standards for Fine Arts, Summer 2018)

Please refer to National Core Arts Standards to determine the standard that best suits your needs.