Copyright for Drama Teachers

Created by Craig Mason

An in-depth and interactive look at copyright as it applies to school theatre programs. Learn about how works become copyrighted, how long it lasts, how to get permission to use copyrighted work, and more.

Lesson 0: Introduction 6:44 FREE PREVIEW
Lesson 1: Intellectual Property 19:49 FREE PREVIEW
This module identifies what copyright is and what copyright isn’t. It also defines Intellectual Property, which is the umbrella that covers things like trademarks, patents, industrial design and copyright.
Lesson 2: Copyright 17:05
In this module you’ll learn about the types of works protected by copyright, how long copyright lasts, what happens when copyright ends, and how to tell if something is protected by copyright.
Lesson 3: Copyright and the Teacher 13:52
This is copyright from a theatrical perspective. You’ll learn about adding music to plays, changing scripts, and what parts of a play are protected by copyright.
Lesson 4: Copyright Cases 9:29
In Module 4 you’ll review some copyright challenges that have been in the news and learn what you can from their outcomes.
Lesson 5: Free Stuff 12:30
This module addresses works in the Public Domain and works placed under a Creative Commons license. You’ll learn how to find these works and you’ll also learn what your responsibilities are when using these works.
Lesson 6A: Copyright Attorney Gordon Firemark 26:49
Gordon Firemark, a US copyright attorney will speak directly about copyright law in the United States.
Lesson 6B: Copyright Attorney Erin Finlay 27:10
Erin Finlay, a Canadian copyright attorney, works for Access Copyright and she’ll also talk a bit about what you can and can’t do with that license in your school.
Lesson 7: Pay it Forward 10:45
Finally, you’ll be able to pass on what you’ve learned to your students. In this lesson, you’ll get lesson plans and other resources for a short media literacy unit on Intellectual Property and Copyright.

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