Rehearsal Toolkit

00 - Overview

The overview includes a table of contents outlining all of the resources in the Rehearsal Toolkit.

01 - The First Few Rehearsals

A guideline for starting rehearsals off on the right foot, including setting goals, expectations, and alternative strategies.

02 - Creating the Pre-Rehearsal Warmup

This resource includes a variety of warmup ideas for rehearsal, including physical warmups, vocal warmups, creativity warmups, and focus warmups.

03 - How Do We Keep Student Actors Invested in Rehearsal?

The more you can invest your actors in the process of creation, the more they will stay engaged and interested throughout rehearsals. This resource explores alternatives to the traditional rehearsal process as well as alternatives to traditional blocking methods.

04 - Character Development

One of the biggest challenges directors face when working with inexperienced actors is the need to find creative ways to guide their character development. This resource includes exercises you can work into your rehearsals.

05 - Strategies for Rehearsing a Classical Play

This resource addresses the challenge of classical texts, by exploring how practical drama activities can help students better identify with the complexity of the language.

06 - Strategies for Rehearsing Comedy

If you are staging a comedy or a comedic scene, then you need to provide opportunities for your cast to play and laugh together at the beginning of rehearsals to encourage a spirit of light-hearted exploration and discovery. This resources helps you to adapt well-known activities to meet your needs, depending on the type of comedy you need to explore.

07 - Common Rehearsal Challenges

This resources includes ideas and activities to address issues when the cast is struggling, or passion and commitment start to falter.

08 - Final Rehearsals

The final rehearsals before a show meets its audience are probably among the most critical. This resources includes exercises to help students become familiar with their production as a complete whole.
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