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Serious Play: Theatre Games and Warmups for Rehearsal and Ensemble Building

by Todd Espeland

In this class, Serious Play, the instructor will lead you through a series of games in risk, movement, focus, and voice. You will get access to a series of all inclusive games that you can string together to make one giant game that is great to use in rehearsal. You will learn how and when to use these games. You'll get ideas on how to craft your own warm-up lesson plan; and, most importantly, you'll learn about about a pre-class warm-up that you can do on your own so that you can get yourself into that third stage of the creative brain, so that you can begin trying out interesting, creative, and risky choices for yourself in your classes and in rehearsals.


Moving Warm-Ups

Use these exercises when you want to get students up on their feet and moving around the room before your first activity.

Ten Rounds For Your Next Warm Up

Are you looking for a great vocal warm up that will improve their listening skills? Use rounds!

The Vowel Tree

The Vowel Tree is a great warm up because it gets students used to just making sounds and working the entire range from the low end of the voice to the high end. You can find a video demonstration of The Vowel Tree in Lesson Two of the Friendly Shakespeare Course. Watch the video and try the exercise for yourself!

Kitty in a Corner

This is a great movement and warm-up game, in which students need to communicate using eye contact as they move and switch spaces.

Improv Warm Up Games

This resource has a list and description of six different warm-up games, great for improv groups or any theatre class.

Character Projection Warm Up

Use this warm up to get students not only thinking about the physicality of a character but projection as well.

Group Up

This warm-up is great to integrate at the beginning of a year or term, to start creating community and cooperation within a class.

Vocal Warm-up

Learn a great vocal warm-up "What a to-do" from DTA instructor Todd Espeland. It promotes diction, projection and breath control.

02 - Creating the Pre-Rehearsal Warmup

This resource includes a variety of warmup ideas for rehearsal, including physical warmups, vocal warmups, creativity warmups, and focus warmups.

Class Routines - Warm-up Sequence

Use this warm-up sequence with your students as they prepare for class. The teacher or student leader leads the sequence by calling out the name of the exercise.


Distance Learning ideas vs Zoom or other video conference platform.

Socially Distanced Theatre Games

This resource takes common theatre games and adapts them for a social distanced classroom. You’ll find in many cases that the games are quite similar to their original counterparts. That’s intentional. We want to show how the games you know can be adjusted to fit your new circumstance. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or create new material for your situation.

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