Teaching Students to Direct Toolkit

00 - Overview

This the overview to the toolkit, which breaks down the process of learning how to direct into specific tools. Each tool comes with exercises, assignments, handouts, and Reflections.

01 - Tool of Self

This tool includes three parts: well of knowledge, leadership, and research, as well as activities to explore the tool of self.

02 - Tool of the Script

This tool covers finding a script and directing proposal, the first, second, third, and fourth read.

03 - Tool of the Actor

The Tool of the Actor often puts the student-director in the role of the actor in order to fully understand how to direct them. The Actor's Purpose, the Audition Process, and Communication & Assisting are key tools in this section.

07 - Tool of Self-Evaluation

The last tool is evaluation. But it’s not having other people critique what the student-director has done, rather it’s choosing a method of self-evaluation.
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