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Introduction to Teaching Mask

by Allison Williams

In Introduction to Teaching Mask, Allison Williams gives you a toolkit of mask and movement exercises to teach students to make big, confident physical choices, to work in their bodies, and play different characters - masked and unmasked.

Access to masks is required, but previous experience with masks is not.

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Lesson Plans

Neutral Mask

by Stephanie-Ann Cocking

Students will receive an introduction to neutral mask and explore the importance of the body as a communication medium.

Students participate in three exercises that explore neutral mask: Reflecting emotion through the body, Reacting to music, and a short mime that combines an emotion and a household chore.
Students will write a short reflection after the activities are completed.

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Commedia dell'arte: High Status and Low Status

by Todd Espeland

When we think of Commedia dell’arte, we often think “mask.” But before we get to mask, it’s important to establish the foundation. Knowing the technical elements of playing comedy are essential before adding on the layers of mask, archetypal characters, and Lazzi. This lesson plan looks at one of the cornerstone tools for playing comedy: status. Status is at the heart of Commedia dell’arte. Students will explore high and low status through the game called Status Walks.

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Drama Teacher Tune Up

Take a Drama Teacher Tune Up! We look at including mask work in the classroom, the rehearsal process, classroom management, and playwriting.

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Drama Teacher Tune-Up 2

Our second Drama Teacher Tune Up!

We look at including mask work in the classroom, Shakespeare, Close Reading, and Classroom Management..

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Keith Rollins: Experience at FX University

Lindsay Price talks to Keith Rollins, one of the winners of the DTA Travel Scholarship in 2017, about his experience at FX University, a hands-on, professional training event covering prosthetics application, makeup effects, mask making, sculpture, mould making, airbrush and more. See some of Keith's work and hear what he learned in this interview.

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Mask in a Social Distanced or Virtual Classroom

In this video, Todd Espeland demonstrates how to use Mask in a social distance or virtual classroom setting.

Breakdown of topics/timecodes

0:00 to 6:13: Introduction
-When Todd started working with masks
-Why masks?

6:14 - 15:59: Discussing Mask in the Classroom

16:00 - 25:59: Health and Safety

26:00 - 50:52: Social Distance Classroom

50:53 - 1:00:22: Virtual Classroom

1:00:23 - 1:08: Building a Mask

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