Old Age Makeup Tutorial

Created by Matt Webster

Instructor Matt Webster guides this tutorial on Old Age Makeup. Old age is the number one special effect makeup you will do and it’s a great process to teach in your class.

This video series takes you visually step by step through everything you need to know about creating old age makeup, from the subtle to the extreme. You can view each step individually so they can be practiced one at a time in the classroom.

The first part is the temple and the forehead. The second part are the cheeks and the jaw. Third will be lips, chin, and nose. Fourth is a section on the face called the nasolabial fold. Fifth, the eyes. And the sixth section will be looking at wrinkles, stippling and finishing the makeup look. These sections are designed to be seen one at a time and to teach within a 90-minute class between instruction, setup, practice, and cleanup. When you put them all together, you will have the parts and pieces to make a full old age makeup.

Please see bonus video in Module 1 and 7 for a demonstration of the techniques on a model with dark skin tone.

Link to Old Age Makeup Unit

Module 0: Introduction 2:00 FREE PREVIEW
Module 1: Temple & Forehead 7:13 FREE PREVIEW
This module shows how to apply old age makeup techniques to the temple and forehead.
Module 2: Cheeks & Jaw 12:47
This module focuses on old age makeup techniques for the cheeks and jawline.
Module 3: Lips, Chin & Nose 10:51
This video focuses on old age makeup techniques for the lips, chin, and nose.
Module 4: Nasolabial Fold 7:59
This video focuses on old age makeup techniques for the nasolabial fold.
Module 5: Eyes 14:43
This video focuses on old age makeup techniques for the eyes.
Module 6: Wrinkles, Stippling, & Finishing 14:06
This video focuses on the finishing touches of the old age makeup: wrinkles, stippling, and finishing.
Module 7: Wrap Up 0:48
This module wraps up the old age makeup tutorial and brings it all together.

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