Indigenous Storytelling Unit

Created by Allison Green

This Indigenous Storytelling unit is brought to you in a different format than a traditional lesson plan. It uses a learning circle format. It was developed by Allison Green, a member of the Algonquin Band of Mattawa Ontario, who is also the author and instructor of the DTA course Approaching Drama Class with an Indigenous Perspective.

Students will discuss origin stories, research the background and land connection of a variety of Indigenous creation stories, create a plot graph of their story, share with the class what they have learned, and then retell the story in their own words. Once students have practiced this process, they will repeat the steps with an Abenaki creation story: Research | Recreate | Understand.

The overview lays out the structure for the unit, as well as gives background and context to the learning circle format.
Additional Attachments
1-3: Introduction to Origin Stories
The first 3 lessons introduce origin stories. Students research an Indigenous origin story in small groups. They will create a plot graph and share in a class discussion.
4: Retelling a Story
Student will use the research they completed on days 1-3 to retell an origin story to the class.
5-6: Abenaki Creation Story
Students listen to the Abenaki Creation Story and explore through plot graphing and recreating.

Standards Addressed

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