Part of the Stagecraft Without a Theatre Curriculum

Introduction to Theatre Production

Created by Karen Loftus

Students will explore the question of “what is theatre production?” They’ll be able to identify and describe each of the crafts of technical theatre as well as who does what in theatre production.

The overview lays out the objective of the unit, the timeline and list of lessons, and assessment plan.
1: Crafts of Technical Theatre
Students will identify areas of technical theatre known as “crafts” and explore how the use of these crafts affects storytelling.
2: Who's Who in a Theatre Company
Students will identify and understand the roles and responsibilities in a theatre company: artistic, production, and business.
3: Areas and Elements of the Stage
Students will identify and apply their knowledge of the areas and elements of the stage.
4: Types of Theatre Spaces
Students will identify and apply knowledge of different types of theatre spaces.
5: Research Project: What is Theatre Production?
Students will research a tech theatre organization and apply their knowledge by creating a marketing brochure.

Standards Addressed

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