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We all want the ideal play but here’s the problem - searching for plays is time consuming. You want the perfect play for your group but you don’t want to waste time searching.

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Theatrefolk has been successfully publishing plays for schools and student performers for close to 20 years. Our plays have been produced across Canada, the United States, England and beyond - this year in Australia, Ecuador, Singapore, China, and Peru to name a few. Theatrefolk plays are performed in middle schools, high schools, private schools, Academies, Schools for the Arts, charter schools, homeschool programs, colleges, libraries, after school drama programs, youth companies and even as touring productions.

Craig and lindsay in nyc

Started by playwright Lindsay Price and actor Craig Mason, we both passionately believe that theatre has an essential place in schools. We are constantly working on ways to make drama teachers’ lives easier with extensive sample pages, PDF scripts, photocopy licenses, and videotape licenses.

But wait there’s more! Not only do we publish the best in plays for schools and student performers we also provide educational theatre resources. We have ebooks, regular newsletters, and every Saturday there’s a playwriting exercise on our blog. Other resources include:

Thank you for being here and giving us the opportunity to make searching for your next play a piece of cake.

“We love Theatrefolk and Lindsay Price. Last year we did Deck the Stage... it was fabulous! Deck the Stage is perfect for a high school production. Ms. Price's dialogue is witty and charming, with just the right measure of silliness that can really be hammed up.

I know this year's production of The Merrie Christmas Show will be just as successful as Deck the Stage.”

Tracy Nash Drama Coach Esparto High School Esparto California

“I recently saw your shout out to BCHS on your blog, as well as the podcast where you spoke to some of my classmates and fellow castmembers of Stroke Static. I played Ruthie in Stroke Static and The Prioress in The Canterbury Tales. I would like to take the time to let you know just how much that performance meant to me.

Participating in Stroke Static was by far one of the best, most rewarding, and life-changing experiences of my life so far. But even past that, the fact that we touched so many people in our performance really affected me. I sincerely wish that you could have been there to see it. It was truly magical.

I would like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the work you put into this play. I hope we made you proud!”

Caitlin Herst, Student Performer, Boulder Creek High School

“I was thrilled to find this version of Romeo and Juliet, and look forward to working on it. The length, and yet the quality of the edits in writing make it possible to even think about in our situation. Yea!”

Emily Conable, Alexander Central School

“I have to tell you that my students loved performing Anne-Arky and Swimming With Sins last year. I'm really excited about the plays I've read from your service this year, too.

My auditorium is going through a bit of a challenging time (space is tight). I'm going to go black boxes and minimal costumes this year, and there are so many quality one acts from your service to choose from. I can't wait to share them with the students.”

Michael Berry, North Branford High School

“Our plan is to produce the whole show (Shout!) in the fall next year. The concept is perfect for our new program.

Thank you so much for your generosity and for the fantastic material you provide. It is perfect for high school students.

We are taking Body Body and Power Play to competition this year. We'll keep our fingers crossed!”

Jan Adamo, Franklin Academy

“I adore Little Nell and the Mortgage Foreclosure.
It's clever and easy to mount so stuff doesn't get in the way of the posturing and plot, and has twists to bring it into the 21st century.

Thank you for trying to bring it back by giving it a facelift and jokes everyone can understand. My actors found your dialogue easy to master because it makes sense and flows.”

Toni Owen, Benicia Old Town Theatre Group

“I thought it (No Horse Town) was a great piece. The stylized comedy and characters were great to tackle. I love the way you write and your subject matters. Keep up the good work and we will keep producing it.”

Ed Mason, Drama/Thespian Director Durant High School

“This is my first experience with the PDF download it is wonderful. It is so nice to see one of the royalty companies enter the 21st Century. Keep it up.

I have already read the play you sent me. What an excellent piece of theatre. It is certainly a prime candidate for next year's season.”

Richard DeSpain, LaVilla School of the Arts

“I would just like to say thank you for the fabulous play Stroke Static. My students did a fabulous performance at the Northern Arizona Acting Festival and qualified to go to State where they received a high excellent rating and the award for Best Ensemble!

The play was extremely challenging and they loved the opportunity. Thank you so much for creating and publishing such challenging, character rich scripts suitable for my high school students!”

Brandy Miller Boulder Creek HS Theatre Teacher

“Thanks for your play (Stroke Static). The kids loved performing it. It was a great challenge for them and they were so happy to be performing a play with such a poignant message.”

Maria Volante, Drama Director Dennis Morris Catholic High School

“You are one of the Rock Stars of the Youth Theatre world in my estimation.

I just performed This Phone Will Explode at the Tone with my kids at District 7 One Act Festival. Your plays are GREAT to work with. The kids love the scripts and we can do lots of different things with them.”

Julia Perlowski English / Drama Pompano Beach High School

“Our high school drama class performed Drop Dead, Juliet! The principal was so impressed with the production, that despite having only three hours sleep and planning to stay only twenty-minutes, she stayed for the entire show.

What impressed me the most about this play was that the students did what I asked them to do, which was to "own" the play. They just loved it so much and they had formed a very tight ensemble. They asked me if they could do the play one last time just for themselves. After it was over, everyone was very still and quiet for a minute, they knew that we had to let it go.

Thank you for such a high quality script, it gave the students such a worthwhile experience!”

Gail S. Benge Drama/Advisory Teacher Whitmore Charter School of the Arts and Technology

“We have been using your scripts for a few years, after I met Lindsay Price at the EDTA convention.

Last year we performed Drop Dead, Juliet! at the International Thespian Festival.

I really like your scripts because they are timely, age-appropriate and don't have bad words in them. ”

Melinda Middleton, Billings West High School

“My school qualified for the state one act play festival yesterday with our play Among Friends and Clutter by Lindsay Price.

Thanks for writing such great scripts for us. We have been very successful with several of your scripts.”

Sharon Prendergast Sisseton High School

“We recently performed Lindsay Price's show Emotional Baggage in mask at our District Festival and were awarded straight Superior Ratings and the Critic's Choice award. The entire cast was given the All Star Cast award, as well, because they couldn't single one cast member out.”

Kendra Blazi, New Smyrna Beach High School

“We did Agatha Rex this past month for Northshore Networks Youth Theatre. Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful script, the kids shone! They did a terrific job with the play. We performed at our premiere Performing Arts Center here in Bothell, WA and it was phenomenal.

I've been doing youth shows since 1990, this is one of the best scripts I’ve ever had the pleasure of producing and you can quote me on that.

I've been recommending your shows and Theatrefolk to many of my fellow teachers.

We're looking at another of your scripts for this next year for a smaller all girl crew, I can't wait to read it!”

Eve Hammond, Artistic Director, Northshore Networks Youth Theatre

“I would like to inform you that after I purchased Drop Dead, Juliet! for the one-act I directed for Bothell High School's annual one act festival, that I won best play, best director, and many other awards for this show.

We will be attending the Washington State Thespian Festival this March to perform it and then possibly go on to nationals in Nebraska. This play is great and thank you for bringing this excellent opportunity to me!”

Emily Hurtin, Bothell High School

“I wanted to let you know that we just finished our production of School Daze. My middle school students performed it at an in-school assembly (audience was K-8) and it was wildly popular. The staff and parents loved it was well. I had several people who stopped by to tell me that they particularly loved how "real" the play was. Characters like Marty/Edwin, MacGregor/MacDougal and Cara/Tammy allowed my students to go full out with characterization.

Thank you for stocking plays like this - large and flexible casting, lots of short scenes, quick and active, with content that doesn't talk down to my students. These plays are hard to come by, especially with content appropriate for a public middle school.”

Eden Rush School of Arts & Sciences Tallahassee, FL

“I have thoroughly enjoyed directing my last three shows - The Canterbury Tales, Will and Whimsy, and Circus Olympus. They are excellent adaptations, creatively conceived and written and classically based, all characteristics I look for in a high school show.

I am retiring this year after directing 63 high school shows over 38 years, but I will encourage my successor to check out your cataglogue of plays.”

Nicholas DeLucia, Hancock Central School

“We just finished our run of Circus Olympus. It was a huge success--the audience loved it. As the director, I especially appreciated the wide range of characters for all acting abilities. We used 31 kids. I'll be looking for another play like this for the future.”

Diane Sullivan, Director, Sauk Prairie Middle School, Sauk City, Wisconsin

“Thanks again for the wonderful scripts you write!”

Jan Adamo, Franklin Academy High School

“WOW!!! I always enjoy your newsletters, but the Death of a Salesman analysis, questions and activities has been my absolute favorite so far! Thank you so much for this in-depth look at a play I am teaching next quarter. I will be using most of your newsletter in my class. I love the discussion questions, activities, all of it! Thank you so much for your help - it can be hard to teach the same plays year after year and make them exciting, no matter how good they are, and it is so helpful to get something new. I'm looking forward to the next months' newsletters, as I have taught all of the "big 3" Miller plays at some point in my theatre teacher career. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Hillary Pearson, Servite High School

“We performed your play (Power Play) on Sunday night at the Kawartha District Sears Drama festival and it won the Outstanding Production award (along with Awards of excellence for ensemble acting, tech work, direction and stage management)!!!

The adjudicator really loved how the play "took her on a journey...the character development was fantastic".

My students have been completely consumed by this project! It has been so rewarding as a teacher to see them so invested in something!

Thanks again for providing such amazing material for our students. They have learned so much from this experience.”

Geoff Bemrose, Adam Scott CVI, Peterborough, ON

“I am writing to inform you that we had produced Stressed for the Ontario Sears Drama Festival this year and our production has qualified for the Regional Showcase. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to produce the play.”

Danny Di Lallo, Michael McGivney Catholic Academy

“Lindsay, I met you at the Missouri State Theatre Conference at your workshop. I really enjoyed the workshop and intend to use your Character Slam as a regular unit in my Advanced Acting class.

At the workshop you gave me your catalog and when we decided to do Shakespeare I looked at your adaptations first. We are down to our final two shows and I just wanted to tell you both what an outstanding theatrical experience this has been for my kids and their director. I have produced Midsummer in the past from the original and it wasn't nearly this successful.

From the layout of the script itself, to the notes on the side (which absolutely excited my actors and produced many thoughtful conversations), to the ordering process, to the download and photocopy abilities I cannot say enough good things.

Your company is wonderful, I look forward to working with you in the future and I will recommend you to my colleagues.”

Amy Learn Director of Theatre Arts Oakville Senior High School

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for making "My Father Went to Switzerland..." available. I teach theatre in an English-medium international school in Berne, Switzerland and teach a unit on Stanislavski to 15/16 year old students every year. This year I used your download and it was brilliant! Not only did the students use your objective and given circumstances worksheets in conjunction with the script but also did diary entries as either Mr Jackson or Eugenie, created a whole background for them, did the scene before and the scene after. In fact did a whole lot of things and had a great time!! It's a fantastic resource and I just wanted to let you know!”

Jackie Hindson, Theatre teacher

“I just wanted to write you and let you know how much we enjoyed working on "Stroke Static" this year. Several years ago I wanted to use this script for my competitive readers theatre, but the students I had at that time just didn't "get it".

When I was at the STAM State convention this fall, I went to one of Lindsay Price's workshops. It brought back to memory that unique script. This year I have mature, amazing students and I again brought it out. And this year it clicked.

We placed first at the Big 8 Readers Tournament, first at our MSHSAA District tournament, and this past weekend we place 2nd at the MO State Tournament. But winning was only the gravy.

Every so often you find a script that challenges the actors, so much so that they are better performers for life. This is one of those scripts. And I know that many of the audience members will have a lasting memory of this lovely script. I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time with the show!”

Marilyn Mann - Monett High School Theatre Director

“My class chose Bradley Hayward's Apostrophe's even though I had a feeling it would not go over with an eighth grade audience. I was wrong. The students liked the fact that all parts could be played by either sex. They used this for 35% of their grade and nearly all students earned an A or B. Because some of the parts were short, even my special education students were able to shine.”

Linwood Davis, Lunenburg Central High School, Lunenburg VA

“Just wanted to let you know that my drama school S.W.A.T.S. (The Shaun Winterflood Academy of Theatrical Studies) performed ALICE last Saturday afternoon as the culmination of their Summer School.

All 46 children really loved working on the script during the week and the performance was enjoyed by the entire audience and pupils alike.

Thank you for a wonderful script which suited the age group concerned of 5 - 14 year olds.”

Shaun Winterflood ASTSD Principal of S.W.A.T.S.

“I just wanted to tell you that my cast LOVES your play (Look Me in the Eye). They have done more analysis on the plot and character (all on their own) than with any other show I have done.

I would like to express my gratitude for your work. Last year we did your Ths Phne 2: The Next Generation and we went to State with it.

It is so great to find quality scripts on modern topics that students can relate to. Since we have to take everything on a school bus, I so appreciate your simple, easy sets. You are our secret weapon for the One Act Competition. Keep up the great work.”

Susan Voskamp, De Pere High School

“I am directing Censorbleep and just wanted to say how much I LOVE this show. My cast and crew are really getting into it. Thank you so very much for this show! Thank you again for having grade A plays for me and my kids! :)”

Kacie Crenshaw, Estrella Foothills High School in Goodyear, Arizona

“Our students performed 'Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark' by Chris Stiles and it was a resounding success!!! Thank you so much to Chris Stiles and Theatrefolk!!! There were parts for all levels of actors and an excellent combination between contemporary jokes and original Shakespearean story and text. The actors and the audience loved every minute!!!”

Amanda-Leigh, ACS International

“This play is a blast to perform - it is quirky, fun and different - fit our drama club to a "T". It is now one of my all time faves as far as plays I've directed. Our inspiration was Dr. Seuss, in case you couldn't tell - ha, ha!

We won the Maine Princpal's Association (MPA) Class B Regional drama festival and had 5 people named to all festival cast (three narrators and two cats) and received a commendation for costuming and ensemble. At the MPA Class B State festival we came in 6th and the "little cat" got named to all festival cast.

Thanks for providing such a great play.”

Beth Goodwin Central High School Drama Club Director Corinth, ME

“Thanks for such a great script on such a tough issue. It left a really big impact on everyone who saw it; and especially on those who brought it so convincingly to life.

Lots of positive comments on the "great writing" and the "amazing script"!
Thanks for writing it. I have never gotten as much out of my 15-17 year olds as I have from their work on and dedication to this story and its characters. They want to do it again, and again...”

Gord Billard Drama Teacher John Arnalukjuak High School Arviat, Nunavut

“We recently performed Will and Whimsy at Rockdale County High School and also took it to the local Georgia One-Act Competition, too!

Not only did the audience eat up every scene, but the students walked away with the MOST awards (5) out of Nine Schools! The judges remarked that this play was a true breath of fresh air! I thank you for offering this awesome play, and we look forward to working with your fine company in the near future!”

Dave DiPietro

“Hi Lindsay,

I have just come back from my drama group performing Hoodie as part of a one act play festival competition. I have no idea if they will receive any awards yet and I really don't care because I am just so happy with how they worked as an ensemble and the excellent feedback from the adjudicator and the audience members.

People loved your script and it was absolutely perfect for our group of 11 - 13 year olds. With a 'Clump' that ended up only having 6 members, I wasn't sure how it would go but the great part about your script is that the lines can be delegated to as many or as few people as possible. I also had to make a couple of changes as to who played each role (things like my Woman 3 suddenly becoming unavailable and me then having to give those roles to the other 'Women') but the play is so flexible it worked perfectly! I wanted my Hoodie character to be a strong performer but then felt this role was a bit small and so I cast him as Jonas too and WOW! the change in his two characters was outstanding.

Anyway I really just wanted to say thank you so, so much for a brilliant script and I will try and send you some photos as soon as possible! We really appreciated the opportunity to perform your wonderful play.”

Cat Gemmell Gemco Players Theatre Melbourne, Australia

“The cast for Canterbury Tales is composed of 4 native English speakers and 4 English Language Learners (all have high proficiency in English).We are very excited to deal with such a 21st century theatre company! The ability to preview and purchase digitally is an amazing thing for us here in Ecuador! The ability to purchase video production rights is also a very big deal for us. It is not common with most of our shows and a disappointment to all of the international family members that can't see our performances live.”

Ellen Evans Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development The Alliance Academy International Quito, Ecuador

“My students are really enjoying this challenging play! They love the message & love that it's not hitting us over the head with it. I'd like to thank you for understanding that high school students can handle more challenging material. I get so tired of playwrights & publishers who think that we need to dumb down material for high school.”

Barbara Dial Mager, Theatre Teacher/Director, David W. Butler High School, Matthews, NC

“We wrapped on Somewhere, Nowhere last week. Largest audience my department has ever had, and my kids had a flawless run. Translation: the BEST production I've ever done. The laughs, the raw emotion, the tears of joy and sorrow when it was all over... my grads loved this play, and so did I.”

Jeff Pinsky, Beaconsfield High School

“I have taught theatre for over 30 years to all ages – 5 year olds through adults. I have had many experiences with students and plays, but our experience with HOODIE was simply astounding. We had very little time to prepare, but the students were so into it, loved the play so much, they worked hard and made it happen. The peals of sustained laughter from teachers and students alike was a great tonic for the actors. The quiet final moment was, in a room with 350 youngsters, totally quiet. And then there was a spontaneous standing ovation from the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students! How cool is that?

Following the performance I got emails from faculty with words like "incredible," "excellent," "very meaningful," "impressive," and "Bravo." I can't tell you how many times faculty members have stopped me in hallways to say what a wonderful play for their students to see. One even asked me if the playwright was a middle school teacher because no one else would be able to understand middle school angst so deeply.”

Elaine Malone, The Durham Academy

“I love that I can go to the theatrefolk website and find exactly what I need. You guys are my co-teacher at every school I work at.”

Carrie Reiberg

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this script and the many opportunities that it provided my cast - learning about the traditional commedia style and how it impacts modern-day comedy conventions, making authentic masks, exploring and experimenting with physical comedy, learning to juggle, etc. The script was also a director's dream to work with - filled with so many suggestions and production ideas for the director to consider!”

Michael Strawderman

“I greatly enjoyed directing 'A Lighter Shade of Noir' last year with my middle school theater students. It had everything I was looking for in a script for 6th, 7th and 8th graders: lots of parts for girls or parts that could be changed to female roles, action without lots of fighting, multiple character scenes that had things to do while other people were talking, a main story line but also sub-plots, links to school subjects (like literature and history), and most importantly - dialogue that I could stand listening to over and over in rehearsal that gave the students motivation to look deeper and deeper into their character development.

I hope you write more for theater, especially children's theater. We need more good writing for these young actors.

Sharon Boski”

Sharon Boski, William J. Johnston Middle School

“I sincerely enjoyed directing your creation. There were lots of wonderful characters and I had a great bunch of students with creative ideas. Many of the plays I read before I chose one have similar themes but yours piqued my interest in the first couple of pages.”

Nancy Arndorfer, Merrill High School

“Thanks for providing a thought provoking play which encouraged the audience to consider just how dependent they are on their own digital connections and what their position in the Virtual Family might be in the end.”

Traci Crawford

“We had an awesome time putting this show up and it was an incredible learning experience for our students doing the research for this genre from the 'language' to recreating sound effects manually and incorporating royalty free music to set the mood. Great fun!”

Roxane Caravan, Lakewood Ranch High School