Theatrefolk - the Drama Teacher Resource Company

Theatrefolk - The Drama Teacher Resource Company

Theatrefolk specializes in plays for schools and student performers. We’ve been a successful play publisher for over 20 years with productions all over the world.

Theatrefolk's drama teacher resources include standalone programs for your classroom, exercises and articles, and conversations with drama teachers just like you.

Our resources keep going! We are the proud founders of the Drama Teacher Academy, a community of support and a place of learning for drama teachers.


Hello! We’re Craig Mason and Lindsay Price, and we’re Theatrefolk!

We passionately believe that theatre has an essential place in schools. We know you do too. To that end, we are constantly working on ways to make drama teachers’ lives easier with great plays for student performers, and fantastic resources for drama educators.

Theatrefolk plays have been produced across Canada, the US, England and beyond. You can find us in middle schools, high schools, private schools, academies, schools for the arts, charter schools, homeschool programs, colleges, libraries, after school drama programs, youth companies and even as touring productions.

Perfect for Schools

Our plays are specifically for student performers. They are age-appropriate without being "kiddy" and have modest technical requirements.

Easy to Search

Find what you need on our easy to use play search page.

Read Before You Buy

Free sample pages for every play; read up to 90% of the play for free.

Digital Options

Plays are available as physical books or printable PDFs.

Performance Options

Script Distribution Licenses and Videorecording Licenses are available for all plays.


Not only do we publish the best in plays for schools and student performers - we also provide educational theatre resources. We have ebooks, informative newsletters, a blog dedicated to theatre educators, and a podcast that features subjects specific to the drama classroom.

Join the Drama Teacher Academy and get access to learning and best practices: lesson plans, classroom resources, PD Courses, Professional Learning Communities, and an online community of support.

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