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Our Plays

Why are your plays good for student drama programs?
Our plays:
  • Age Appropriate (written specifically for middle school and high school students)
  • Relevant & Relatable (issues and material that student performers can understand)
  • Modest Technical Requirements (sets can be as creative or elaborate as you'd like but most can be performed with a few cubes and chairs)
  • So. Much. Flexibility. (flexible genders/casting opportunities, variable play lengths...)
How do I decide which play is right for my group?
Our plays are written specifically for middle school & high school students. 
  • You can search our play catalogue and filter by cast size, play length, genre, gender, experience level and more.
  • You can also read approximately 90% of any play for free by clicking on the Free Sample Pages button on any play page.
  • You can order a single printed or digital script for perusal/preview to read any play in its entirety before ordering any licenses or royalties.
  • Plus, you can contact us directly for specific recommendations or with more questions.
How do I find the right play for my group?
Great question! You can check out our entire play catalogue here - and even filter by play length, genre, grade level, cast size, etc.

You can also check out our free Play Concierge service - just let us know a bit about what you're looking for and we'll send you a curated list specific to your group!
What if I need plays to study in class but we won't be putting on a performance for an audience?
No problem! You can order a class set of printed scripts or a classroom script distribution license (which allows you to download/distribute the digital PDF script - one per student) and you're good to go.

You can also check out our recommended plays for classroom study - plus our free classroom study guides!
How much do your plays cost?
Just visit any individual play page to learn more about all script, license and royalty information.
How do I find out more details about a play?
Each play page contains:
  • Play summary
  • Character name/description and line count
  • Prop list
  • Production photos
  • Tags for Features, Themes, Settings, Cross-Curricular, Subgenres, Costumes, Cautions, and more
What if I want to change the gender of one or more roles to meet the requirements of my group?
  • Many of our plays already offer gender neutral or gender flexible casting opportunities.
  • As well, check the Character section on any individual play page to see if the playwright has already given permission through the presence of the following note: Characters in this play are currently identified as male or female. Directors are welcome to assign any gender (binary or non-binary) to any character and modify pronouns accordingly.
  • Reach out to us with any other changes you'd like to make that aren't covered here and we'll connect with the individual playwright for feedback and approval.

Performances and Royalties

When do royalty fees apply?
Royalty fees apply to all performances whether or not admission is charged. A royalty is required each time a performance is given/shown (live, online or streamed).

Are you performing a monologue or short scene for a competition? Please review our royalty exemption policy.
How is the fee calculated?
All individual script, license and royalty information is found with each play description on the individual play page. 
Can I change the text?
The play must be performed as written. Any alterations, additions or deletions to the text must be approved in writing. 

You can send a detailed list of changes or cuts to us at and we will work with the playwright to get any feedback and/or approval.
How many scripts should I purchase?
  • Productions: You must purchase either a physical copy of the script for everyone in your cast or one digital script distribution license. 
  • Classwork: You must purchase either a physical copy of the script or a classroom digital distribution license for each student in the class.

  • Reproduction of our scripts by any means (including photocopying or scanning) is illegal unless you possess a valid distribution license.
How do I credit the production?
  • The following notices must appear on any material that bears the name of the play:
  • The author's name, in a font size no smaller than 50% of the largest letter in the title.
  • The following statement:
    "Produced by special arrangement with Theatrefolk ("
What about professional productions?
Listed rates apply to amateur productions only. Please contact us for professional productions.
Our school is on a limited budget and we are not charging admission. Is there a discount available for the royalty fee?
We charge the same royalty fee to everybody, regardless of whether or not admission is charged. We keep our royalty fees as low as possible, while striving to help our playwrights earn a living from their hard work.
Where can I find out more about your copyright information?
You can learn more about performance rights, royalties and copyright information at:
My performance dates have changed. How do I update my royalty information?
No problem! Just reach out to us and let us know the new approximate dates of your production and we will make sure your royalty information is updated.
Can I cut scenes for competition time restrictions?
We can work with you to get the playwright's permission and feedback on any requested changes. Just email us or reach out on our Live Chat with the following information:

  1. Name of play
  2. Date of competition/performance
  3. Specific details of scenes you wish to cut (i.e. list of specific scenes being cut)
  4. Specific detail of time restriction (i.e. 45 minutes) for performance
  5. Name of the festival/competition and a link to the rules referencing time restrictions (if applicable)
We will do our best to come up with a solution that the playwright feels keeps the integrity of the play while meeting time requirements. 
Please also allow as much time as possible for these requests as each playwright must be contacted by Theatrefolk in order to get approval. 


What is your refund / return policy?
Our Return / Refund policy can be found here:
What payment methods do you accept?
  • VISA and MasterCard are accepted for all orders.
  • We accept Purchase Orders from North American schools/institutions only.
  • North American schools/institutions may pay by Check (no personal checks, please).
You can find out more about info you may need for your Purchasing Departments here:
How do I get a quote?
The quickest way to get a quote is to click on the Add to Cart button on any individual play page then follow the check-out procedure.

When you get to the Billing Options page, select the "I need a quote" option, and then complete the checkout process. You will receive a formal quote within one business day. 
What do I need to order?
Depends what you're looking for!
  • For Productions: Order a full set of printed scripts or a script distribution license (digital scripts) plus one royalty for each performance given/shown.
  • For Classwork: Order a class set of printed scripts or a classroom distribution license (digital scripts - one per student).
  • For Perusal/Preview: Order one printed script or PDF digital script to read any play in its entirety.

Tax Information

Is tax charged on our order?
  • Orders sent to Canada are charged appropriate GST/HST depending on the province.
  • We do not charge taxes on orders sent outside of Canada. However, your country may impose a sales tax or import duty. Check with your local taxation office for details. You are responsible for all such charges.
What is your Tax ID number?
Please visit for all tax-related information.
I need your W-9
Please visit for all tax-related information.


How long will the order take to arrive?
Most orders are sent out one business day after receipt. Time in transit is quoted on the shipping option page.
How much does shipping cost?
  • North America
    • Standard (approx 5-10 business days): $3.00 for the first script, $0.50 for each additional.
    • Express (approx 3-5 business days): $8.00 for the first script, $0.50 for each additional.
    • Rush (approx 1 business day): Calculated based on weight and destination. Exact rate is quoted at check-out. Rush shipping is not available on all orders.
  • International
    • Options are calculated based on weight and destination. Exact rate is quoted at check-out.
I'm in a hurry and need my scripts right away.
We do offer expedited shipping on most orders, however, you may want to consider ordering a digital script distribution license instead. You will receive immediate download access as soon as your order is processed which would eliminate any stress around shipping delays.


I have written a play suitable for the school market. What are your submission guidelines?
Congratulations on your play! You can read our submission guidelines at:
I have a question for a Theatrefolk playwright. How do I contact them?
Happy to help! You can reach out to us through our Live Chat or send us an email and we can forward your question or comment to the playwright on your behalf.

Other Questions

How do I contact you?
The quickest and easiest way to contact us is to reach out to us on our Live Chat - we're real people who are always there and happy to help.

You can also email us with any questions you may have.
I can't find the download or order information from a past order.
No problem! Just ensure you are logged in to your Theatrefolk user account and click on "Your Orders" or "Your Bookshelf" to find information on all previous orders placed with the email address on your user account.
I'm interested in a play but am not ready to order it yet.
You can add any play to your Wish List by clicking on the button from our play catalogue or individual play page. You can access any saved plays through your user account and clicking on "Your Wish List".

You can also add any items to your cart and request a quote by clicking on the "I need a quote" option when you get to the Billing Options page. Then complete the checkout process.
How do I learn more about the Drama Teacher Academy?
Just click on the link to find out more about why the DTA is right for you!

How do I find out about new plays and resources as they become available?
Just sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay in the know!

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