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Script Distribution License


Our Script Distribution License is available to groups who are in the process of producing and performing the play and is sold only in conjunction with performance royalties.

Cost of the License

The price of the license is roughly based on the minimum number of cast members. The price does not change if you use a larger or smaller cast.

The license grants permits you to print, copy, and distribute the script for each of the following.

  • Director
  • Stage Manager(s)
  • Cast Members
  • Design Team
  • Competition Adjudicator / Judge

Terms and Conditions

  • The accompanying cover sheet must be attached to each copy.
  • The script may not be distributed to anyone not explicitly listed above.
  • If the script is distributed online, it must be made available only to those explicitly listed above on a password-protected page. In no circumstances may the script be posted on a publicly accessible website.
  • Performance royalties must be paid for each performance.
  • The script may not be reproduced or stored by any other means.
  • Under no circumstances may the script be offered for sale.
  • This license expires one year from the date of the first performance and must be renewed for any subsequent production.

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