When do Royalty fees apply?

Royalty fees apply to all performances whether or not admission is charged. A presentation is considered a performance whenever the play is performed in front of an audience. If there's an audience (e.g. an invited dress rehearsal) royalty fees apply.

Royalty Exemptions

Monologues lasting five minutes or less and scenes lasting ten minutes or less may be performed without royalty in the following situations:

  • Any International Thespian Society Thespys event (formerly known as "Individual Events").
  • Lenaea High School Theatre Festival Monologues and Duo Scenes categories.
  • Any audition situation (whether auditioning for a show or an educational institution) where no audience is present apart from auditors and auditioners.
  • In-class work where no audience is present apart from the teacher and individuals in the same class.

What about a competition not listed above?

Contact us here for assistance with your competition question. Please include the following:

  1. The name of the competition.
  2. A link to the competition's rules.

I have another question about Royalty Exemptions

Contact us here for further clarification. Please include as much detail as possible about your situation.

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