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Script Bundles

Can't decide on scripts for your group? No problem!
We’ve selected 10 fantastic perusal scripts on various themes and genres - all you have to do is pick the bundles you want.
No stress involved!

Script Bundle - Classical Adaptation plays

A selection of 10 Classical Adaptation perusal scripts. Perfect for adding a fresh or contemporary twist on the classics - everything from original cuttings to parodies to creative interpretations.

Script Bundle - Classroom Study plays

A selection of 10 Classroom Study perusal scripts. Whether you’re looking for a play that complements your curriculum, or just need an in-class project, we have the plays for you.

Script Bundle - Competition plays

A selection of 10 Competition perusal scripts. Elevate your performance with our compelling scripts for competition, designed to captivate audiences and showcase the talents of your student performers.

Script Bundle - Gender-Neutral plays

A selection of 10 Gender-Neutral perusal scripts. Break free from traditional gender roles and expectations with and give everyone a chance to shine and find their place in the theatre.

Script Bundle - Hallowe'en plays

A selection of 10 Hallowe'en perusal scripts. Looking for spooky stories or haunted hilarity for production or classwork? We've got you covered!

Script Bundle - High School Plays

A selection of 10 High School perusal scripts. We've got the quality scripts your students can relate to and engage with to bring out their best performances.

Script Bundle - Holiday plays

A selection of 10 Holiday perusal scripts. Get in the holiday spirit with traditional themes and modern twists - fun for school or stage.

Script Bundle - Issue-Based plays

A selection of 10 Issue-Based perusal scripts. High school & middle school students face a lot of issues every day - we've got the plays that speak to what they're going through.

Script Bundle - Large Cast plays

A selection of 10 Large Cast perusal scripts. Whether you have a huge drama program or need a part for everyone who tries out, we've got the plays that include all of your performers.

Script Bundle - Middle School Plays

A selection of 10 Middle School perusal scripts. We specialize in middle school plays with age appropriate characters and look at the issues middle schoolers are dealing with right now.

Script Bundle - Online Performance plays

A selection of 10 Online Performance perusal scripts. Sometimes you have to think outside the box - or the live stage. These plays allow the show to go on no matter where you or your audience might be.

Script Bundle - Shakespeare plays

A selection of 10 Shakespeare perusal scripts. Whether it's a cutting that uses the original text, a monologue or scene book, or a parody that spoofs the story, these plays offer a great window into Shakespeare's world.

Script Bundle - Small Cast plays

A selection of 10 Small Cast perusal scripts. Sometimes your cast is small but mighty - we've got the plays to let each person shine.

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