Plays by Allison Green

Funhouse by Lindsay Price looks at the bulled, the bully, and the bystander through mostly non-verbal vignettes. Life for the bullied is like a funhouse, but the funhouse is anything but fun. An excellent catalyst for conversations around bullying. Click to learn more...

Allison Green

Allison is a storyteller, artist and teacher.  She is the granddaughter of Andy Green, an Algonquin elder of Talon Lake near Mattawa Ontario.  It was with great pride that she was gifted the Algonquin name Shinawe Pewanak by elders who felt she earned -- “The One who Rattles the Flint”.  Elders saw the passion to pass on her fire through the teaching of young people, new teachers and members of her Indigenous community who have not found their voice.
Allison’s formal theatrical training began at York University, Toronto, in Theatre Production, Stage Management and Design – where she also returned for her Bachelor of Education.  Allison’s artistry can be seen in her Indigenous artwork, beading, stage design and painting. She continues to write, direct and stage productions with high school students. She is currently a secondary school teacher in rural Northern Ontario where she teaches drama, social sciences and Indigenous studies.

Plays by Allison Green

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