Are you ready for summer camp – and all of the ups and downs that go along with it? Then you’re ready for the awesome character play, Finishing Sentences, by Scott Giessler – an issue-based dramedy that your students won’t want to miss.

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Chris Stiles

Chris Stiles lives in Concordia, Kansas and teaches English, Creative Writing, and Drama at Concordia High School.

He is the school's drama director and writes many of the plays. He lives next door to a mansion with his wife Melissae and three daughters, Audrey, Gwendolyn, and Madelyn.

Plays by Chris Stiles

Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark

by Chris Stiles

Denmark is plagued with zombies in this gruesomely comic adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

  • About 35 minutes
  • 4 M + 2 W + 11 Any Gender, Plus Extras
  • Simple Set
  • Recommended for High Schools & Middle Schools
  • 36 pages

The Magic Diary of Mozambique

by Chris Stiles

A magic diary grants wishes: Good grades, popular friends, lavish gifts. But there are consequences to these wishes.

  • About 60 minutes
  • 2 M + 8 W
  • Unit Set
  • Recommended for High Schools & Middle Schools
  • 42 pages

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