Plays by Claire Broome

Claire Broome

Claire's first experience in theatre began with the hope to have a lead role in the school play - in kindergarten. To assist with this, she was an angel for Halloween to ensure she had the right costume for the school holiday play. At that time, that was the criteria to earn a role. This tactic was not always effective, as she was given the role of a book in grade 5 (not at all the Halloween costume she had in grade 5!). Claire decided she needed to develop her craft and not rely on Halloween costumes, and studied with the Royal Academy of Music (and at that time) Drama. She later joined Theatre Orangeville's Young Company and performed in touring Children's Theatre shows, and Shakespeare productions. Claire's creative passion always returns to writing plays for young performers. 

Claire has an honours specialist in Theatre and Drama Studies from the University of Toronto, and a diploma in acting from Sheridan College. She currently teaches Drama in Mississauga, and lives nearby in Oakville, Ontario Canada. 

Plays by Claire Broome

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