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Greek Tragedy in the Modern High School : Agatha Rex

What will be her dreadful fate 

When the trumpet sounds the call 

For those who stand against the state 

Must first learn how to fall.

In Agatha Rex by Lindsay Price, Agatha is a girl who stands up for her beliefs, regardless of the consequences. As student council president at Thebes High, she vigorously defends a student who is unfairly punished. Based on her actions, she could be expelled and lose an important scholarship.

Set in a modern-day high school, this modern adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone translates the original Greek chorus into a fantastic ensemble opportunity.

Under the direction of Jon Burnett , the amazing student performers at San Francisco Friends School in San Francisco, CA brought this modern day Greek tragedy to life. Both the characters and the audience watching were left with the same question: In the same situation would you stand up for someone who is unpopular, or do you flow with the status quo?

Congratulations, San Francisco Friends School!

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*Photo credit: Karen YunJin Seong

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