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Back to School Affirmations for Teachers

It’s a new school year and in the hustle and bustle of getting classrooms organized, learning students’ names, and completing all the start-of-term tasks, please take a moment to pause, breathe, and centre yourself. Remember that you’re a good teacher and the work you’re doing is important. Feel free to use the affirmations below if you ever need a quick reminder. Print them out and hang them up, copy them into your notebook or planner, or write them in a card and give them to all your teacher friends and colleagues. Let’s get this term off to a great start!

1. I am an excellent teacher.
2. I give my best effort every day, remembering that my best can fluctuate from day to day.
3. Last year is in the past. This year is a fresh start.
4. I am starting this year with a clean slate.
5. I let go of expectations of perfection.
6. I feel confident asking for help when I need it.
7. Remember that it’s called a “play” for a reason.
8. I have the opportunity to share a subject I love with my students.
9. I am allowed to learn, fail, and try again with my students.
10. I will re-frame problems as learning opportunities.
11. I trust my skills, education, and knowledge.
12. I am not afraid to ask for help.
13. If I don’t know something, I can look it up!
14. I am learning alongside my students.
15. The work I do matters.
16. The process is equally as important as the product.
17. I will celebrate growth and wins, no matter how big or small.
18. My program is my program, and I won’t compare it to anyone else’s.
19. My program is valuable and teaches students important skills.
20. This is going to be a great year!

Don’t forget that Theatrefolk and the Drama Teacher Academy are here to support you with plays, resources, lesson plans, and more. Please reach out — we’re happy to help.

Additional Resources:

Click here for a free printable page of back to school affirmations.
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Click here for free printable affirmation cards and posters.
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