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BIPOC Voices and Perspectives Monologue Resource

BIPOC Voices and Perspectives Monologue Resource
Written by Lindsay Price

Diversity and representation in the drama classroom is imperative for students and teachers alike. BIPOC Voices & Perspectives: Monologue Resource is an incredible collection of original monologues written by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) students that shares their perspectives, their stories and their voices.

These monologues written for students by students each include close reading questions for analysis and discussion, as well as performance permissions. Topics range from race, identity, BLM, home, addiction, family, friendship, pride, joy, hope, and so many more.

Plus, we’ve included tips on how to use this resource in your classroom, as well as how to encourage your students to share their own voice!

Enjoy the monologues in this collection. We are amazed at the quality, the variety, and the insight of these pieces. These are voices that don’t often end up in monologue books. It’s time they did.

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