An Empowering Adventure on the High Seas: The Dread Pirate Sadie

The Dread Pirate Sadie
Written by Lindsay Price

Yes, girls can be pirates too! Casts will love the comedic, swashbuckling adventure of The Dread Pirate Sadie by Steven Stack.

Sadie wishes to leave her life on the high seas to pursue her true passion: theatre. But there’s a problem. She’s not just Sadie; she’s The Dread Pirate Sadie, the most feared pirate in all the land. And there’s another problem. She’s a horrible pirate.

Not only that, Sadie’s lost her boyfriend, her last play was attended by approximately no one, and Blacklegs, the world’s second-most-feared pirate, is after her.

Will Sadie ever open that little theatre in the woods? Or will she find herself at the wrong end of Blacklegs’ sword?

Avast! Amber Guldan and the swashbuckling students at The School District of Auburndale in Auburndale, WI had an amazing time sharing their adventure with cast, crew and audiences. The group had all hands on deck as they let their creativity reign. No landlubbers in this group!

This play was a great play for the spring season. The cast practiced in two groups composed of the two crews until we got closer to the production date. This made scheduling practices very flexible.

TIPS: The students really enjoyed creating the backdrops, scene changes, and props that are involved. We could have done a bare stage, but the students really wanted to try doing scene changes. We used a free standing door to help separate the pub scenes and the audience loved the changes throughout the play.

Congratulations, The School District of Auburndale!

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