Frankenstein Turns 200!

Frankenstein 200th Anniversary
Written by Lindsay Price

Frankenstein. You’re likely familiar with the story but did you know that this year we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the infamous Mary Shelley infamous novel? In the spirit of celebrating, we thought we would share a few more things you may not know about this iconic story:

Did you know…
  • Victor Frankenstein is the name of the scientist, not the monster.
  • There is an actual Castle Frankenstein in Germany.
  • The familiar image of the green monster with neck bolts and facial stitches came from the 1931 movie, not the novel.
  • The novel came out of a challenge to write the best horror story.
  • Frankenstein is often considered to be the first true science fiction novel.
Did you know…

We have two great plays about Frankenstein in our catalogue. Help your students take part in the celebration with one of these two offerings:

Frankenstein vs the Horrendous GooFrankenstein vs the Horrendous Goo
A mix-up in the chemistry club creates a horrendous goo that takes over John Dalton School. Students, administrators and even parents get “goo-ed” by this mysterious green slime with a mind of its own.

Strong, three-dimensional, FUNNY characters – with some great physical acting opportunities. Available in regular or competition length.

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Frankenstein Among the DeadFrankenstein Among the Dead
Thunder and lightning tear apart the night sky while two young women explore the story of Frankenstein: Mary Shelley, who wrote the original novel, and Elsa, mysterious and determined to learn Mary’s secrets, including the most important of all… how to bring the dead to life.

FABULOUS roles for women in a story that is traditionally male and monster dominated. Tremendously theatrical, easy to stage, and a great fit for fall season productions!

Click here for free sample pages and to order Frankenstein Among the Dead
Happy Birthday, Frankenstein – you don’t look a day over 199!

Not right for your group right now? Search our play catalogue to find one that your performers will love!

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