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It’s a bed! It’s a bench! It’s a platform!

Written by Craig Mason

We saw a production of Football Romeo at Centre Dufferin High school and were mesmerized by this set piece. It’s a bench! It’s a bed! It’s a platform! It’s on wheels! It’s everything!

The stage, as you’ll see in the video, was very small with negligible wing space. Simple creative solutions like this are what theatre’s all about!

Video Transcript

Lindsay: Anyway, okay. So, we’re backstage. Actually, just get in a little shot.

Hello! This is the cast of Football Romeo over here.

Britney: I’m Britney!

Lindsay: We just saw their show. They did a fabulous job and they also had a really fabulous, fabulous multi-use piece that was many, many things in the show. It was a chair, it was a bed, they stood on it, and we asked if we could just sort of show it in action.

So, right here we have it in its flattened state. And, also, it moves. Can you pick it up and show how it goes into a bed? Yes, and then? You can lift it up and move it around. One person can lift it up and move it around which we love. And then, it can go… Come around the side here, Craig. Just so we can see just how easily they adjust it. It’s a bench! It turns into a bench! Just how easily, they just flip little pieces of wood up like that, and then, in two seconds, it goes back down again.

Girl: Two seconds, two seconds!

Lindsay: Two seconds, two seconds!

Girl: Come on, bro.

Lindsay: Ah! And multi-purpose! This is exactly the kind of thing that you want to think about when you’re doing shows that have all different kinds of locations. This is a very small space and they used it perfectly to show one piece, multiple things. They didn’t take time away from the play by doing lots of scene changes. Use this. Love it.

Thanks, guys!

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