A Memorable Melodrama: Little Nell and the Mortgage Foreclosure

Little Nell and the Mortgage Foreclosure
Written by Lindsay Price

Looking for a melodrama with all the traditional fixings? Young heroine, dashing hero, moustache-twirling villain…. With it’s broad appeal and easy staging, Little Nell and the Mortgage Foreclosure by John Donald O’Shea is a great choice for some great fun.

High school and middle school students alike will love this delightful melodrama replete with broad comedy, memorable characters, and plenty of booing and hissing for the stovepipe-hat-wearing villain!

Nell Pureheart and her wise old Auntie Nora are about to lose the family homestead to unscrupulous banker Wiley Whiplash. Whiplash will forgive the mortgage under one condition: Nell must marry him!

Nell and Nora call on heroic Casey Cleandeed to save the day. Unfortunately, despite his recent law degree, he’s not very bright. The play follows a side-splitting trail of intrigue and deception until the truth about the homestead is finally revealed!

Fortunate enough to be directed by the playwright himself, the drama team at Alleman High School in Rock Island, IL had a ton of fun mastering the melodrama!

Great job, Alleman High School!

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