Singing the Praises of Sixteen: Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

Sixteen in 10 Minutes
Written by Lindsay Price

Being sixteen is not always easy. The drama group at Morris Area High School in Morris, MN not only understand this but were able to showcase all of the ups and downs through their performance of Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less by Bradley Hayward.

In this humorous and oftentimes bittersweet collection of ten minute plays, the lives of seven teenagers become intertwined. From extracting a gummy bear out of a new set of braces to coping with bullies, these characters share their innermost hopes and fears with each other, ten minutes at a time.

Not only were these talented students successful at portraying their roles, but the production was taken to the next level through the students’ complete commitment to the entire production – both onstage and backstage. Co-Set Designer Thom Howden recognized their efforts and sang their praises:

I was told it was going to be a minimal set….What the photos cannot show you is how well the students did the scene changes. The kids did a great job and were fun to work with for the production.

Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

Sixteen in 10 Minutes or LessSixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less


Great work, Morris Area High School!

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