Spread the Love: Christmas in July – Two Plays by Evelynn Merritt

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the love for Christmas in July – Two Plays by Evelyn Merritt. Recorded live next to a rapidly melting snowman.


Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. We are talking about Christmas! A collection of two Christmas plays by Evelyn Merritt. The first, Christmas in July – what happens when the New Year takes over and mismanages the calendar and all the holidays go topsy turvy. And two, What do you Do When The Elves Get the Flu. It’s a very dangerous situation when the Elves at the North Pole get the flu right before Christmas. What I love about them is that they are unique and different. If you are tired of the same old same old and you want something different at Christmas time, these plays are for you. Craig, what do you love about these plays?

Well, what I love about these plays is that unlike a few of our other plays these are accessible to both middle school and elementary schools. And they are a lot of fun. The language and the characters are manageable and if you are an elementary teacher looking to inject a little drama into your classroom these are perfect choices for you.

That’s it for Spread the Love. Bye bye!

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