Spread the Love: Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week on Spread the Love, Lindsay and Craig talk about Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake, a Christmas play by Lindsay Price.


Welcome to Spread the Love where we continue Christmas month this week with Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake! I love alliteration. Cinderella is celebrating her first Christmas at the castle, and she is determined to bake the Prince his favourite cake. But if her step-sisters have their way, Cinderella will be back working for them and completely forgetting all about her life at the castle. With the fairy godmother on vacation, who knows what’s going to happen? Craig what do you love about Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake?

Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake was written for middle schoolers and high schoolers to perform for the younger kids – say your local elementary schools. The play really focuses on that audience and there’s nothing kids love more than to be part of the play. And that’s why the play is filled with audience participation. The audience gets to sing songs, they get to bake a cake, they get to cast spells. They eat this cake up! Lindsay, what do you love about Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake?

As a writer I like taking something that is known and looking at it in a new light. That’s exactly what this play does. Everybody knows Cinderella, the fairy godmother, the step-sisters, they know who they are. And it’s fun for the audience and the actors to see these characters do something they’ve never done before. It’s great for audience to see something new and something known, the actors get to take the familiar off in a different direction. That’s it for Spread the Love.

Can we have some cake?

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