Spread the Love: Have You Heard by Krista Boehnert

Written by Craig Mason

Lindsay and Craig spread the love for Have You Heard? by Krista Boehnert.


Lindsay: Hello, and welcome to “Spread the Love.” This week, we are talking about: “Have You Heard?” Have you heard? Have you heard about “Have You Heard?” By Krista Boehnert. “Have You Heard” is very unique in that it is a monologue-based play. That means the whole story is told through the students’ inner monologues. And the story? It’s about rumor, lies, the truth, and secrets, and what happens when a student spreads a rumor about a teacher that turns out not to be true. What makes a rumor more powerful: When it’s a truth, or when it’s a lie? Craig? What do you love about “Have You Heard?”

Craig: What I love about “Have you Heard” is how well Krista manages to interweave the stories in the play. Now, because it’s told in monologue-form, we get a 360 degree view of the story because we get to see it from every character’s perspective. Plus, it’s a killer source of monologue material. Lindsay? What do you love about “Have You Heard?”

Lindsay: It’s a killer source for monologues because the monologues are killer. Because, Krista knows how to write a monologue. Now I know – I know! The first thing that’s gonna hit your brain is, “Monologue-based play? This is gonna be boring. It’s monologues… after monologue… after monologue. How on earth is that gonna be theatrical?” You have to trust us. It’s very theatrical. It’s very active, the play’s very active in its words. They’re all character driven, they’re all emotion-based, and on top of that, Krista tells a great story. This is an awesome play, and I love it, and you should too. That’s it for “Spread the Love.” Bye!

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