Spread the Love: Moonscape to Treescape by Craig Mason

Written by Craig Mason

This week we Spread the Love for Moonscape to Treescape by Craig Mason. Recorded live on location near some barren rock!

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Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. This week we are in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, where Craig and I are working on a side project, a play of mine called The Flying Bandit. Wait until you see Craig’s moustache!

And because we’re in Sudbury, we knew we had to do a Spread the Love for Moonscape to Treescape by Craig Mason, because the play is about Sudbury! Sudbury is a mining town and this environmental tale is about a place that destroys it’s natural resources and then goes through a re-greening process. Craig what do you love about Moonscape to Treescape?

Well, I grew up not too far from here. And I remember even as a kid coming to Sudbury and the whole town was just enveloped by barren black rock, like this sweet stuff you see behind me. It was so bad in fact that NASA used the barren rock to test lunar vehicles.

I remember one day reading a story about a regreening project that was happening in Sudbury and the whole community was involved, even a group of school kids. And I found that very inspirational. We are all a part in preserving our eco system. Even school kids. And that’s why I wrote the play. Lindsay, what do you love about Moonscape to Treescape?

We have a long, long history with this play. Before Theatrefolk was a publishing house, we toured plays and this was one of the ones we toured all around Northern Ontario. It’s one of the few plays we have in our catalogue which is really great for an elementary school audience. And that’s one of the assets of this play. It has really great audience participation. The audience is an active participant in the logging, the mining, the destruction of the natural resources. And then again, they play an active part in the rebuilding of the environment, the re-greening process. And I think that really great to involve the audience in that kind of experience. It makes for really great theatre. That’s it for Spread the Love.

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