Spread the Love: Spread the Love: Anonymous by Anonymous

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the love for Anonymous, a wonderful play by… well, an anonymous author. Recorded live against a stark white wall in an anonymous location.


Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. This week we’re talking about Anonymous by Anonymous. This play is about teenagers feeling anonymous and invisible and what it takes to become someone. Someone with a story. The playwright felt so strongly about this theme that they chose to remain anonymous, and no it’s not me, to let the play speak for itself. Craig, what do you love about Anonymous?

I think a lot of teenagers can identify with the themes in Anonymous. The feeling of going through life anonymously. How you can know a lot of people and a lot of people can know you but only a select few, if any, know the true you. Get a feeling of the complete picture. Know your true thoughts, your true hopes, your true dreams. The writing is vivid and poetic. It’s a really wonderful ensemble piece. Lindsay, what do you love about Anonymous?

This play is a journey. It’s a journey on how to become a specific human being, and how to make that OK in a high school situation. That is such a valuable theme. When Craig and I started work on this Spread the Love we were really wowed again by this play. It’s complex. It’s not a one sentence sound bite. And I’ll tell you this too, when we take Anonymous to conferences, it’s one of the plays that consistently sells out at the table. And it’s students who buy the play. That’s it for Spread the Love.

About the author

Craig Mason


  • My favourite part about Anonymous- is the relation that every teenager can make to it- and whether they can relate themself to a particular character or a friend, someone they know…that relation emotionally connects with the reader/audience member. Another aspect I love about this play is the words, the comparisons- its very smart and witty. Furthermore, I really appreciate the idea that everyone has a story and that the people who take the time are the ones that break down the walls of anonymity to let someone in…lovely theme. great story. loved it.

  • i loved being apart of this play!
    it sends such great message and i think that there are a lot of people who could relate to this message.

  • Anonmyous is one of the best plays I have ever worked on. I think this because I feel as though anyone that reads it can relate to it.

  • Anonymous really changed my life. I think that Me is a little piece of all of us. There’s so much to learn from every single character in this play. It was moving and full of balance. A balance that has since become key in my life. Anonymous is beautifully written. I laughed and I cried, another one of those balance things. I think that anyone can learn something about life or themselves from this play.

  • I can’t say how happy I am to hear that this play is reaching so many people. From the first time I picked up a copy of the script and read it, I loved it. When you have a character named ‘me’ standing out on stage, staring at a crowd of onlookers and saying ‘I’m the one in the back, the middle or the front that no one really notices – don’t worry, no one does’ it’s difficult to not become personally involved somehow.
    Lines from this play are running through my mind continuously. This play isn’t about the author. It’s not about a bunch of copy/pasted archetypes, and it’s not about some too-good-to-be-true protagonist in some far off land, valiantly struggling against the tides of unfairness in the world. It’s about me. And you. And her. And them… and the one thing we all have in common is that we know nothing about each other. Until we actually care to, that is.

  • I am truly happy to hear that Anonymous is doing well, not only because it is good, and because I was in it, but because its such an important play for EVERYONE to see. This play is about all of us. What could be more important and moving than seeing yourself on stage? Well that is what Anonymous does. This isn’t a corny, melodramatic teen angst play, this is a play meant for everyone.